Wednesday, 22 February 2017

NFPs in The Digital Age

The way we manage data is changing and from an NFP perspective you need to ask yourself whether your data management procedures are efficient and focussed. Are they working to your advantage or could you make some changes to fine-tune the process?

You need to consider issues like how to store and manage your data and how that information can be used to make the most impact and bring about maximum change. You also need to examine the capturing and securing of data from a governance perspective.

Why focus on your database?

Your database is your key to building a relationship with your donors. Today’s NFPs need to be data-driven, and your database is one of the biggest assets your non-profit has at its disposal. It can tell you what is working and what is not working. Maintaining an inadequate database can lead to loss of dollars and donors –a disaster for any non-profit.

How can you ensure your database is working?

Firstly you need to make sure that whatever system you are using, has your charity’s best interests at heart. Designate ownership and management of the system and confirm policies and procedures on how the system can be employed. Your reports need to be relevant and accurate; otherwise, they just end up being a wasteful exercise.

Do you have security and disaster recovery procedures in place?

Ensure that you have a backup to handle any worse case scenario that might occur. Again all processes and procedures must be confirmed and documented and followed to a “T”. And when all else fails, back up again. It is important that you protect your data to ensure your organisation’s success.